Tackling My Fear of Blogging

Tackling My Fear of Blogging

There is so much external stimulation and distraction it’s no wonder that most have a hard time concentrating or finishing a project, me being one of those people. In the 15 minutes that I have been sitting here I have gotten distracted by about 5 other things, like checking my email, which lead to going on Lululemon website, going on Facebook to reading an article that I saw, checking Instagram and scrolling just incase I missed a great picture, giving Sophia kisses and taking a picture of her rolling on her blanket. Once I write it out it really seems pretty stupid to get caught up in such mindless things. This is something that regularly occurs throughout the day though. I plan to do something and then all of these little occurrences happen. Before I know it I have lost my motivation, I forget, or I just say, “Oh, I’ll just do that LATER”

I have been planning on writing my blog for probably about a good 7 months now and each day I find my self saying;

“Oh, I’ll just do it later”

“I better just leave these thoughts or ideas in my head.”

“I should leave writing to people who know what they are doing”

“Why is what I have to say that important that I should put it on a blog”

“No one is going to read it anyway”

“What do I write about, how long, and why?”

Just to think of a few things I tell myself on why I should not write a blog.

About 5 months ago my friend, Kate Rogers, and I were having a conversation about writing and blogging. She said that I just needed to write things out. Don’t think. Just start writing and don’t worry about what it is or sounds like, but just get it out of my head and on paper or type it. It has taken me, well…5 months to actually do it, and of course she was right. Thank you Kate!

Of course as I sat down to write this. This was not my intention for my post. This is just what came out instead. I find it perfectly parallels me. What I usually intend to set out and do is not what initially gets done. It is close to what I intended but it would be to much like sticking to the rules and that well just is not how I roll. Pre planning are following rules are not my thing.

In my One Year goals, 2015, I put that “I will blog at least twice a month” In my next post maybe I will go over my goals and visions and how goal and vision setting helps me to be ok with pre planning, maybe.

I commit that my blog will be messy, authentic, and fearless.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings. Please, feel free to share!

Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom. -Marilyn Ferguson

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