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Tackling My Fear of Blogging

There is so much external stimulation and distraction it’s no wonder that most have a hard time concentrating or finishing a project, me being one of those people. In the 15 minutes that I have been sitting here I have gotten distracted by about 5 other things, like checking my email, which lead to going […]

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Breakfast and Dinner Bowls

I made a few new breakfast and dinner bowls this week and they were delicious. Breakfast bowl Blended: frozen banana frozen spinach fresh blueberries goats milk yogurt On top: quinoa hemp, chia, and buckwheat seed mix fresh banana granola goji berries cinnamon   Blended: frozen spinach and kale mix banana clementine frozen mango water superfruit blend mix […]

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Me and My Mat

My day is never complete without hitting my mat. Something about that first down dog. Feeling the ground underneath me. Space in my shoulders back and chest. Movement in my joints. Air filling my lungs so much I feel it from my fingers to my toes. #matlove #meandmymat #yogalife #yogaeverydamnday #space #grounding #breathe #flow #lululemonbuffalo #poweryogabuffalo #supyoga #supyogabuffalo #BLESSED

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